The Busy Bean


{Selvedge Star Tutorial} {Selvedge Star Tutorial}

{Sew Easy Inset Circles} {Sew Easy Inset Circles}

{Somerset Star Tutorial} {Somerset Star Tutorial}

{Water Resistant Sling} {Water Resistant Sling}

{Pouch with Zipper Tabs} {Pouch with Zipper Tabs}

{Welt Pocket with Exposed Zipper} {Welt Pocket with Exposed Zipper}

{Open Wide with a Handle} {Open Wide with a Handle}

{Houndstooth Tote} {Houndstooth Tote}

{Gathered Skirt} {Gathered Skirt}

{denim skirt from pants} {denim skirt from pants}

{napkin rings} {napkin rings}

{quilt as you go placemats} {quilt as you go placemats}

{beach bag towel} {beach bag towel}

{5-minute 5-step skirt} {5-minute 5-step skirt}

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