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Cranberry Bliss Bars


Have you ever had these bars at Starbucks? They are amazing. They have them on the menu in the winter, then they’re gone. And I love them.

I wanted to make them for my family when they all came for Christmas, so I went looking for the perfect recipe. This one wasn’t it. Now, that could be because they were way undercooked when I checked them after the time was up. So I left them in – and left them a little too long. But I still think there was something off about them (at least for my taste).

Pumpkin Chowder

Here’s the recipe for pumpkin chowder that I posted over at the Pretty Kitten. Enjoy!

I absolutely love the fall. It’s getting chilly and I know Christmas is just around the corner. I love snuggling in with warm meals that make my house smell like home. Here’s my favorite soup for fall. The best part is that if you’ve got some canned vegetable soup mix, it only takes about 10 minutes to make! That’s a bonus when you get home late from work on a cold night and want something warm and homey without taking a lot of time.

Guest Blogging at Pretty Kitten

My super cute friend Kristyn has a food blog. She graciously let me post my Pumpkin Chowder recipe over there today. So run, don’t walk, over to the Pretty Kitten and show her a little love for me.

Canning Soup

Remember how fall feels like home? Part of that is canning. We have a sort of tradition each fall of canning a vegetable soup mix. I’ve spent one Saturday each fall for quite a few years sitting on Aunt Colleen’s porch cutting up vegetables

It’s usually me with Aunt Colleen, Aunt Della, maybe Aunt Mary. Now that my mom lives in town again, she’s there. This year we even got my sister-in-law in on it. And more shockingly, my brother. (I think maybe mom was scoffing at brother’s vegetable chopping skills?)

{Christmas in July-ish} Guest Post by Kristyn

Let me introduce you to a good friend of mine, and a great cook. Kristyn is one of those people I have stolen a few recipes from. She blogs over at pretty kitten, and I’m pleased to have her here to share a Christmas recipe with you.

Christmas Dinner: Balsamic Roasted Pork with Roasted Root Vegetables

Hi everyone! My name is Kristyn. I head up a blog called pretty kitten, where I write about real-life recipes and other kitchen wizardry. I was thrilled when Colleen asked me to do a guest post for her during her Christmas in July series. Well… it’s August now, but the Christmas-in-July spirit remains and I have a fantastic, simple recipe to share with you.

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