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Quilting Autumn

Sometimes when you see a nice cozy quilt under someone‘s knitting and book reading on Instagram, you just have to pull fabrics out and start sewing.

I started with a stack of fabrics that made me think of autumn. Oranges, deep purples, blues and greens. Brown, and a little pink because… pink.

Catnap O’s

catnap o's

catnap o's

catnap o's

catnap o's


Here’s another finish. I’ve been on a kick lately to finish up the many WIPs I’ve accumulated. I started this at that retreat in January. It was an amazing weekend with some good friends, old and new. We sat around quilting, knitting, eating obscene amounts of Oreo’s… all the basics were covered.

Anyway, Julie had just received her order of Lizzie House’s Catnap fabric in her shop, so a couple of us had her bring us fat quarter bundles to play with. Seriously, delivery of brand new fabric on our weekend away? So many good things.

Maple Tree Quilt

maple tree quilt

maple tree quilt

maple tree quilt

maple tree quilt

maple tree quilt


This quilt has been two years in the making. I kept going in spurts. As soon as I got my Chicopee fabric I cut it and pieced the maple leaf blocks immediately. Like, within hours I had all the blocks done. That was in 2012. Yup, 2012. Then they went in a bin and sat for a year.

How To: Selvegde Star Pillow

Selvedge, Selvage… whether you speak English or American, they’re the same thing. They are a gorgeous piece of fabric that often just gets thrown away. And that’s a shame.

PTS 8 finished!

I made this pillow for my partner in one round of the Pillow Talk Swap. I loved it so much I made another for my good friend Sukie, and thought I’d take some pictures along the way so you can see my method. I’m also in the process of using this block, only a little bigger, to make myself a king size quilt!

How To: Somerset Star

I finished up my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap. I’m so very excited at how it turned out I just had to share. Lots of people were asking how I did the star, so here’s a little tutorial to walk you through it.

The Somerset Star is very traditional. In fact, you may have grown up seeing it used as things like trivets or Christmas ornaments. Things that just scream “grandma” at you. Not that there is anything wrong with grandmas. In fact, I quite love grandmas. However, this is not your grandma’s Somerset star.

Working Away

It’s been a while… but I’m working away. I’ve got lots of things to show you, but with lots of projects also comes no time to blog!

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been up to:


I’m slowly quilting my Little Apples dresden quilt. Whoever thought it would be fun to do some echo quilting around all those dresden plates was incorrect. But it will look amazing when it’s done in 20 years.

"Baseball" Birthday Dress

Can’t Help Myself

Here’s what I should have been doing today:

1. Working on my Kona Solids Challenge project for the SLMQG. We are showing them and having a little contest this Thursday at our meeting, and it’s not done¬† yet.

2. Working on my little secret square project. Because it’s for my husband’s birthday on the 29th and I’m nowhere near close enough. (But it will be awesome, and I promise to share after the big day.)

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