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WIP Wednesday

Here’s to accountability! I’m linking up with Lee for WIP Wednesday.


A Valentine’s Day mini. Inspired by this piece of art on Etsy, a snapshot of graffiti in Paris. I loved it and thought it would translate so well into a mini quilt. I think it might just become a giant throw for my house as well. Super quick and easy. I even sewed a quilt with linen for the first time!


Mario Quilt

Little Apples Quilt

New Projects:

Can’t Help Myself

Here’s what I should have been doing today:

1. Working on my Kona Solids Challenge project for the SLMQG. We are showing them and having a little contest this Thursday at our meeting, and it’s not done  yet.

2. Working on my little secret square project. Because it’s for my husband’s birthday on the 29th and I’m nowhere near close enough. (But it will be awesome, and I promise to share after the big day.)

Sewing Saturday

This weekend the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild had a Sewing Saturday, and I was finally able to attend. Since Brad used to work every Saturday, it was hard to get there since I didn’t have a sitter for the girls. Now that he’s no longer working retail, it’s a lot easier to hang out with my friends! Hooray! And these ladies are amazing friends. You know how sometimes you get a big bunch of ladies together and they’re all back-talkey and gossipy, and they put each other down? These women are not like that at all. Every time we get together, it’s all encouragement and uplifting. Whether you’re a brand new quilter or have lots of experience under your belt, everyone is welcome.

How 144 Becomes 768

This little cutie is about to turn 3.

This is the story of how I decided to make her a quilt for her big girl bed in her new room she will get for her birthday. It started out with me ordering a fat quarter bundle of It’s a Hoot by MoMo because it matched the colors I wanted to paint her room so wonderfully.

مبلمان اداری صندلی مدیریتی صندلی اداری میز اداری وبلاگدهی فروشگاه اینترنتی گن لاغری شکم بند لاغری آگهی استخدام آگهی رایگان تبلیغات کلیکی آموزش زبان انگلیسی پاراگلایدر ساخت وبلاگ بوی بد دهان