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How To: Water Resistant Sling Pouch with Exposed Zipper

This one came about specifically with a trip to Disneyland in mind. You’ve got to take your phone and wallet with you, but  there are all those rides where you get splashed, so here’s my solution: a small pouch you can sling over your shoulder, it fits your phone and a card wallet, plus chapstick and lip gloss. And the best part? It’s lined with vinyl to protect your stuff from splashing water. Now, it’s not water-proof. Don’t go dropping it in a pond and then get mad at me when your phone is ruined. But it will keep it safe from Splash Mountain.

How To: Basic Pouch with Zipper Tabs

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a lot of little things filling my purse. I love these little zipper pouches to keep those things a little more organized. In fact, wanting a pouch like this was the reason I started sewing in the first place. I’ve been making these little pouches for almost three years and I’m happy to share exactly how I make “Monica” now, with perfect end tabs on the zipper. And if you make it through this, there’s a giveaway at the end.

Here’s what you need:

Open Wide with a Handle

I love Anna’s Open Wide Bag tutorial so much. I made my first, and it quickly became my favorite for knitting. It sits up so well on its own, plus the big opening means my yarn doesn’t snag on the zipper and I’m not squishing stuff into a big bag through a small opening.

The only thing missing is a handle. I like to grab my bags by a handle whenever possible. I’ve been grabbing this one by the little tab, but I wanted something more. So I figured out a handle for it.

Using It

I’ve been using up my stash for projects lately. If you’re a quilter, you’ve probably got a stash, right? Kati hosts a linkup every month to share what we’ve been making from our stashes, to encourage us to use them.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve got a lot of stuff on my shelves that I was so excited about, and had to have the perfect project for, so there it sits… and sits and sits. I decided I’m finally going to just start using it!

PTS 8 finished!

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