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Ballerina Birthday

Last weekend my cute little girl turned 4. That just seems so old to me! One more year and she goes to school…

Anyway, she really wanted a ballerina party, and that’s exactly what she got.

{Once again, I have Kate to thank for all the great pictures I have. All pictures in this post were taken by Kate Johnson Photography.}

I made her a bunting with her name on it. This will hang in her bedroom once I actually get it painted.

Birthday Bug

My little Kelsey Bug is turning one next week. I just can’t believe it! She is so much fun to be around… she giggles like crazy, plays peek-a-boo and claps her hands at everything.

Naturally, I’m in the middle of planning her party. I have big plans for it – cookies in the shape of little birds to match her quilt, decorations of little tree branches with cute stuffed birds the other kids can take home with them, lots of yummy food, and of course a cute little dress for the Bug. Well guess what. None of that’s going to happen!

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