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Rachel’s Quilt

So, the other side of this quilt was a group effort of the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild. We’ve been meeting for a few years, and last year we decided that we were big enough to actually create a board and have real leadership. Not surprisingly, Rachel was elected as the President for the year. She is the one who started our chapter to begin with. We met in her home for the first year or two, until we grew out of her living room.

Bloggers Quilt Festival – Shattered Glass

I recently made the Shattered Glass quilt from Tula Pink’s book for the sew-along with Sew Sweetness. And the Blogger’s Quilt Festival is the perfect chance to share it here. Thanks for stopping by if you’re visiting the festival! There are so many great quilts linked up there you can spend hours just looking around being inspired.

I made this quilt for my brother-in-law and his new wife for their wedding gift. I asked her what kind of colors she would like and her answer was blues, yellows and greens – a springy colorway. So I pulled out my scrap bins in those colors, and threw in some pinks and purples because I thought it was looking a little flat with just blue, yellow and green.

Gallery Quilt – Finished

I was able to finish my gallery quilt this week.

Just in time for my sister’s birthday. She commented to me one day that she really loved this quilt (she saw me post it on Instagram… kind of forgot she was on Instagram!) and I had to try really hard to keep it in that it was for her for a birthday/housewarming present.

I knew I wanted to make¬† a quilt using the Heather Ross fish in bags print. Sister kind of has a thing about fish, and keeping them alive… anyway… I thought for a really long time about how to use them, since I only had a little scrap, not even a fat quarter.

Little Apples Dresden Quilt – Done!

Here’s my first finish from the year.

I bought a fat eighth set of Little Apples at quilt market. I love Aneela’s cute little children playing all their children’s games. I totally see my daughters and their cousins in the kids playing ring around the roses. And the hula hoop girl? Once upon a time (before I had babies) I could totally hula hoop. Maybe I can get in the groove again one day. Maybe.

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