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Knitting – A finish!

sparkle shawl 4

So, I know I’m usually a little sporadic around here, but I’ve been extra sporadic lately because life is just plain crazy. We’re in the process of moving from Utah to the Bay Area in California! It’s a big change for our family to move to such a busy area from the one-stoplight town we’ve been living in. Literally, there is one stoplight. About five miles from the house we just sold. We don’t even have a grocery store. We do have two gas stations and an ice cream parlor, so, at least the important things were covered, right?

Peacock Park

I love this quilt. I just might be biased, but I do.

When I started looking at the finished top, it reminded me of an afternoon in a park, sitting on the grass watching the peacocks and elephants stroll by the river. What, you don’t have parks like that near your house? Neither do it. So I had to make it happen with the quilting.

Pebbles and streams. Twin sized quilt. That’s a lot of pebbles for Mr. Larabee to handle. See, Mr. Larabee is just a little Brother cs-6000i, with a mere 6″ of throat space. It’s not the easiest to maneuver big quilts in there. Doable, but not easy.

Happy Love

I know, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays manufactured by greeting card companies, but I say who cares? I’m all about a holiday full of hearts and love.

I finished up my Heartstrings quilt last week, so we could enjoy it in time for the big day of love. It’s growing on me again, after I had given up hope of liking it.

I hope you all have a happy day of love.

Mario Pixelated Quilt – Done!

I finally finished it. Just five months after I gave it to Brad for his birthday, I actually finished his gift.

2,292 squares later, it is done. And I love it.

So does Lottie. Her new thing, every time I’m working on a quilt, is to ask me if I’m making her a new hiding place.

Each side square is one of the power-ups. I know, I mixed versions of the game, which my brother already gave me grief for. I know I have more than one 1up. And I’m totally ok with that.

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