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Just Desserts

Once upon a time, I used to cross stitch a lot. I have a lot of projects that sort of got pushed to the side over time. Suddenly, cross stitch is back! And it’s back with an adorable vengeance, thanks in part to companies like The Frosted Pumpkin.

I ordered their Dessert of the Month as soon as Amanda tweeted about it. It’s been nice to sit and pass the time with something small while Brad’s away this week on business. oh, and to re-watch last season of Downton Abbey before I start watching this season.


Painted Clothespins

This is what my mom and I did yesterday (while I was pouting about the snow… which has all melted btw).




We painted these for a friend of my mom’s who lives in Seattle. We’ve got about two dozen to do for ourselves now. I can’t wait to do one with the word recipe and clip up the recipe card I’m using while I cook. That way it won’t get all dirty sitting on my counter getting splashed with ingredients.


Frame Calendar

While I was at the DI the other day (the DI is my local version of Goodwill) I picked up a few other frames, because when they’re $1 each, I’m sure I will find something to do with them. I already had an idea for one.

The Creative Crate is one of those blogs I look to lots for inspiration. Usually when I see someone’s idea, it really is just inspiration –  I use it to spark my own imagination and let my creativity flow like with the menu board.

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