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Christmas Quilt for Mom


I’m just not sure, until you’ve met her, if you can understand how awesome my mom is. You’ll just have to trust me. She’s brave and strong and (almost always) nice and genuinely a good person.  So for Christmas, we wanted to do something really special for her. See, my mom also has Multiple Myeloma, a form of blood cancer. Just over a week from now, she will be checking in to the hospital for a nice long stay to have her 2nd stem cell transplant. She won’t be able to spend as much time with us as she normally does, so my sister came up with the idea of making her a quilt. Which means, I got to make her a quilt.

Getting Ready

Between sickness and so many projects, it’s been way too long since I updated here!

We are getting ready for Christmas at our house.

Opening a present every night, one of our Christmas books or movies all wrapped up to be new again.


Decorating a gingerbread house.

Making lots of yummy treats to deliver to neighbors.


Sewing up a new table runner.


And a Christmas bunting to help out with displaying our Christmas cards.


Six Days

For six whole days it has been closer to Christmas Future than Christmas Past. (Yup, I did the math.) I could feel I was getting anxious about something… and when I turned on my Christmas Punk playlist today to drown out the angry music coming from the other side of my cubicle wall, I knew that was it. It’s time to start getting excited for Christmas!

So today I started by gathering and pinning ideas for new Christmas stockings.

Stream of Conscious Sewing

Do you remember back in school where you had to write down one thing, then the next thing that popped into your head, then the next… You know, stream of conscious. That is what my sewing day was like today. Let me outline it for you.

#1. I have strep throat, so I didn’t want to do major sewing. I am, however, dying to get into this stack of fabric:

Winners Finally!

Thank you thank you thank you for being patient with me while my kiddos were sick. Yeah, both of them. Kelsey finally got better on Tuesday. Wednesday, Lottie woke up with the same thing. And of course, I was at my day job on Tuesday, so I missed my window of opportunity to post there…

Without further ado, our winners are:

phantomwinnerCam! Seriously, some people have all the luck… spending your summer “studying” in England, traveling throughout Europe, and now winning my fabulous prize!

Our other winner is not random. I picked this one all by myself…

Let’s hear it for Christmas!

Okay, I know it is nowhere near Christmas, but I’m sharing a Christmas craft today. I just don’t think I can wait until December because I have been working on this for just over two years now. Not two years straight, I did pause to have a couple of kids, start sewing again and complete lots of other crafts. But I did spend several afternoons working on this. Besides, I was listening to Christmas music at work the other day, and I’m just in the Christmas mood. I’m kind of in the Christmas mood most of the year.

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