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How To: Sew Easy Inset Circles

Here’s how I sew easy inset circles using freezer paper and glue.

1. Draw a circle onto your freezer paper. Or three if you draw the wrong size. Twice. Not that I would do that. Cut out the circle, leaving the exterior intact.

Inset Circles Tutorial

2. Lay this over the fabric you want in your circle, just to make sure that you’ve cut the circle the correct size. You want to have at least 1/4″ behind the circle for your seam allowance.

Inset Circles Tutorial

Bloggers Quilt Festival – Shattered Glass

I recently made the Shattered Glass quilt from Tula Pink’s book for the sew-along with Sew Sweetness. And the Blogger’s Quilt Festival is the perfect chance to share it here. Thanks for stopping by if you’re visiting the festival! There are so many great quilts linked up there you can spend hours just looking around being inspired.

I made this quilt for my brother-in-law and his new wife for their wedding gift. I asked her what kind of colors she would like and her answer was blues, yellows and greens – a springy colorway. So I pulled out my scrap bins in those colors, and threw in some pinks and purples because I thought it was looking a little flat with just blue, yellow and green.

How To: Somerset Star

I finished up my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap. I’m so very excited at how it turned out I just had to share. Lots of people were asking how I did the star, so here’s a little tutorial to walk you through it.

The Somerset Star is very traditional. In fact, you may have grown up seeing it used as things like trivets or Christmas ornaments. Things that just scream “grandma” at you. Not that there is anything wrong with grandmas. In fact, I quite love grandmas. However, this is not your grandma’s Somerset star.

Craft Book Month – Socks from the Toe Up

When Lindsay asked me to take part in a blog hop for Craft Book month over at Craft Buds I immediately pulled a stack of books I’ve got projects marked in. It was a decent stack.

And these are only the ones I had hanging out in my bedroom, it doesn’t count the stack in my studio that are all marked.

Since I had knitting on my mind, I decided to focus on a couple of knitting books that got me out of my “I can knit a mean scarf and nothing else” phase.

Quilter’s Newsletter TV

Just wanted to share the episode of Quilter’s Newsletter TV I was filmed for at Quilt Market!

click to view the video at

Check it out… if for no other reason than because I was having a really good hair day. Or… to be a little more informed about the EZ Dresden Quilting Challenge. You’ve got about a month left to work on your projects! Are you going to be ready to enter September 1-6?

WIP Wednesday and a Winner

I’m hosting WIP Wednesday today over at Freshly Pieced. Head over for details on what I’ve been up to.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

And the winner of the typewriter pouch is Patti!

She said, “Fantastic and helpful tutorial! Thanks so much. I would someday love to get up the nerve to attempt English Paper Piecing. Sigh! thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous pouch. I don’t have any of the typewriter fabric!”

I’ve sent you an email to get your information and I will get it right out to you.

Pattern Review: Perfectly Pleated Clutch by Amy Butler

Originally posted on Sew Sweetness as part of Purse Palooza.

The Perfectly Pleated Clutch is one of many projects in Amy Butler’s Style Stitches book. I’ll be honest, I’ve had this book on my shelf for over a year and have had every intention of sewing a few projects. I’m glad Sara provided me the kick in the butt to actually get one done.

How To: Water Resistant Sling Pouch with Exposed Zipper

This one came about specifically with a trip to Disneyland in mind. You’ve got to take your phone and wallet with you, but  there are all those rides where you get splashed, so here’s my solution: a small pouch you can sling over your shoulder, it fits your phone and a card wallet, plus chapstick and lip gloss. And the best part? It’s lined with vinyl to protect your stuff from splashing water. Now, it’s not water-proof. Don’t go dropping it in a pond and then get mad at me when your phone is ruined. But it will keep it safe from Splash Mountain.

How To: Basic Pouch with Zipper Tabs

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a lot of little things filling my purse. I love these little zipper pouches to keep those things a little more organized. In fact, wanting a pouch like this was the reason I started sewing in the first place. I’ve been making these little pouches for almost three years and I’m happy to share exactly how I make “Monica” now, with perfect end tabs on the zipper. And if you make it through this, there’s a giveaway at the end.

Here’s what you need:

How To: Invisible Zipper with Regular Zipper Foot

Here’s part 2 of the invisible zipper post. (Really should have been done yesterday but a clogged kitchen sink took priority.)

Using an invisible zipper foot will unroll the coils for you as you sew. The biggest (really the only) difference in using your regular zipper foot is that you will have to unroll the coils and iron them flat on your own. So start by unzipping the zipper and ironing the coils flat.

Next, line up your zipper according to your pattern directions, laying it right sides together and lining up the edge of the tape with the edge of your fabric.

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