The Busy Bean

Etsy Shop Listing

WooHoo!!! I just listed my first item for sale in my Etsy shop! It’s awesome to know that I can now sell to people I don’t know – since so far that’s all I’ve done. But that’s been keeping me pretty busy as it is.

I’m in the process of making some changes to the shop there, and this site. Pretty soon I’ll have not only a blog here, but a shop as well. So, in the meantime, if you’d like to make a purchase – head over to (And sure, if you go right now there may only be one item listed, but I’m working on it!)

Ready for Change

Remember last week when I said I would introduce Penny this week? Or was that two weeks ago and I said I’d introduce her last week…?

As you can tell, I haven’t introduced her yet. See, my time is crazy. I want this business running so I can quit my job and work at home. But how do you get a business up and running when you have a full-time job with a three hour daily commute? I’m here to tell you that it’s nearly impossible. Especially if you value sleep as much as I do.


My sister-in-law Kate (who is an awesome photographer, BTW, check out her site) wanted the perfect diaper bag. I think we came pretty close with this one.

Introducing “Katie”

katie front pocket

katie front pocket

katie back

katie back

katie inside pockets

katie inside pockets

inside zipper

inside zipper

The outside of “Katie” is sleek and smooth, with three pockets for anything you want quick access to. “Katie” is very roomy inside, with pockets fit especially for diapers and wipes, two pockets for bottles on the sides, a big zipper pocket and even a hidden zipper pocket for medicines – easy enough for grownups to open, but hard enough that children won’t get in! The inside is fully lined with vinyl so spills wipe right out.


Okay, I loved the comments.  We had the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Good thing the bad and ugly all came from one post… sorry Barry, but I’d have to disagree with you – there are some things that are better with Umlauts, but since I don’t even know what an Umalut is, I can’t say it makes everything better.

Are you ready? There are a lot in here I’ll have to keep in mind. Marijke intrigued me, I will always love Kalee, but it just didn’t fit this one. Katie couldn’t win, since tomorrow I will be introducing you all to the “Katie” and it’s not this wristlet. And although Hillary should win something, it just wasn’t her day.

What’s in a name

The other day I was at the bank setting up my business account (so crazy, scary, official) and Justin-the-awesome-banker-who-helped-me asked how I came up with my name. (Side note: I don’t know if Justin-the-awesome-banker-who-helped-me gets any kind of perk for being awesome, but he should. Seriously, if you’ve got a small business and have banking needs in the Draper, UT area, head over to see him at Chase.) Anyway, I decided to share here the story of why “The Busy Bean.”

Creative blank = giveaway!

So, this whole idea of making handbags came about because I wanted a little bag that would hold all of the essentials, fit into my regular purse, transfer well to the diaper bag, and still be cute and functional enough to stand on its own. Not asking too much of a bag, right?

I started my search. I had heard references to etsy quite a bit, but had never ventured onto the site. I finally did, thinking that I could find something awesome to meet my needs there (as I was having absolutely no luck at the old standbys of Walmart & Target). And boy did I ever find everything I could want to fit all of my needs! But here’s the thing, as I was browsing these cute wristlets all I could think was “That’s adorable… but I could make that.” And so I did.

Second style

Here’s another bag for the not so froufy. Okay, I know that froufy isn’t really a word, but I had to have something to describe my sister. She’s not in to all the frills and girly (froufy) things. I designed this handbag style with her in mind. (Of course, the fabrics I used on this one are just too froufy for her, so I’m carrying this one around!)

The Chloe

The Chloe

What I do

I craft. It’s what I do. I love a good project (yes sister, you can insert a joke about why I married my husband here).

Luckily, my husband understands my love of projects and is supporting my decision to make that my career. So, here I’ll share my journey of starting my own business from home so I can do what I love with those I love. This venture will (soon) allow me to stay home to raise our daughters.

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