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Finished 2011

#8 Christmas Quilt for Mom
quilt for mom

#7 Christmas Stockings

#6 Joy Mini
Joy Mini Quilt

#5 Baby quilt for Ellie
Baby Quilt

#4 Lottie’s Quilt
Lottie's Quilt

#1 & #2 & #3 Mother’s Day Quilts
{Umpunzel Quilt}

One Thought on “Finished 2011

  1. Cheryl Cadaret on August 30, 2012 at 8:05 am said:

    I’ve made 2 of the “Fast and Furious” quilts. The width was greater than the 45″ material I bought for the backing. Not wanting to piece the backing, I cut the quilt cover to match the 45″ backing fabric. I then cut 2″ strips from what I had removed and used that to make the binding for my quilted throw. Looks GREAT and is the perfet size for a throw. I made my first quilt (queen size) two years ago. It took me a year! I vowed it was my first and last quilt. I then saw the “Fast and Furious”. I worked on it over a few days. After all, I had some painting, stained glass, and knitting to do too. Anyway, finished the quilt throw in what I consider a reasonable amout of time. Now how about an EASY and FAST crazy quilt?

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