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Quilting Autumn

Sometimes when you see a nice cozy quilt under someone‘s knitting and book reading on Instagram, you just have to pull fabrics out and start sewing.

I started with a stack of fabrics that made me think of autumn. Oranges, deep purples, blues and greens. Brown, and a little pink because… pink.

On Miss America and the Quilting Community

I have spent a few days thinking about these two things quite a bit. Not that on the surface they have much in common. But really, they do.

Miss America 2015

Catnap O’s

catnap o's

catnap o's

catnap o's

catnap o's


Here’s another finish. I’ve been on a kick lately to finish up the many WIPs I’ve accumulated. I started this at that retreat in January. It was an amazing weekend with some good friends, old and new. We sat around quilting, knitting, eating obscene amounts of Oreo’s… all the basics were covered.

Anyway, Julie had just received her order of Lizzie House’s Catnap fabric in her shop, so a couple of us had her bring us fat quarter bundles to play with. Seriously, delivery of brand new fabric on our weekend away? So many good things.

Maple Tree Quilt

maple tree quilt

maple tree quilt

maple tree quilt

maple tree quilt

maple tree quilt


This quilt has been two years in the making. I kept going in spurts. As soon as I got my Chicopee fabric I cut it and pieced the maple leaf blocks immediately. Like, within hours I had all the blocks done. That was in 2012. Yup, 2012. Then they went in a bin and sat for a year.

Painted Piano {a few little tips along the way}

Painted Piano

I finally did it. I decided in 2011 to paint the piano. I couldn’t take it apart because I didn’t have the key to unlock the top. Well, I got that in 2012. And still it sat. I just had so many other things I wanted to do and I did not love the idea of moving the piano and spending all the time it would take to paint it.

Well, this week my husband was out of town at a trade show, and my sewing machine was broken. What else is a girl to do but paint a piano?!

Low-Key Ring: My Goal Quilt

Low-Key Ring

When I started quilting, one goal I set for myself was to get “good enough” to make a double wedding ring quilt. Well, I’ve reached that goal. It is a beautiful, traditional quilt. It does take a lot of time, and focus. Curves aren’t easy for everyone. I don’t find curves particularly easy, though I do find them totally doable.

Low-Key Ring

I love the look of low volume quilts. There is a lot to be said for that calm, easy-going appearance. Since I’ve accumulated a good variety of low volume prints, I thought it was finally time to make a quilt out of them. I wanted to do something a little different, and one night I suddenly thought about adding little slivers of saturated solids in with a plethora of low volume.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for your support



This came in my inbox this morning. So grateful to know what my fundraising helped to contribute to. As a group who ran the Las Vegas Rock n Roll marathon with the MMRF Power Team we were able to raise $95,000 by the time we ran. And I know we’ve brought in more since then.

Thank you, all of you, who helped contribute to finding a cure for this disease. While there we met a woman who was diagnosed 15 years ago. She and her family were an inspiration.

Stash Match

Have you seen the Stash Match game over on Ali’s blog?


This month she asked us to pull fabrics for a Modern Maples quilt. I love fall and had no troubles pulling out the fabrics for this quilt. I grabbed one of my old favorites for the backing and pulled fabric for the front based on that. I just finished up a Modern Maples quilt top, but this makes me want to start all over again!

Head over and see if you can match up the bloggers to their stash (Ali has lots of hints for you too) and you could win a bundle of perfect fall fabric from Westwood Acres!

Baby Quilt for Lizzie

One of my very best friends in the whole wide world just became a mommy. Yeah, that kid is in for a wild ride. So I thought I’d help him out with a little something soft to wrap up in.

baby quilt 4


They’re decorating his nursery in grey and white chevrons, with bits of yellow and polka dots. I pulled all these out of my stash, and I was a bit worried at first about the floral prints, but I think they’re totally ok for a baby boy. Or any boy for that matter… who says boys can’t like flowers?

Freshening Up


I’m getting ready to head out this week to Sewing Summit. I’m excited to be attending this conference for the third year in a row. And this year I’m teaching! I’ll be discussing my creative journey on Saturday morning.

So as I put the finishing touches on my presentation, I was grabbing old pictures from the blog to show how I’ve developed and I finally … FINALLY did a little updating here. I hadn’t changed my blog much at all since I started it five years ago. It was time. It was well beyond time.

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