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Quilting Autumn

Sometimes when you see a nice cozy quilt under someone‘s knitting and book reading on Instagram, you just have to pull fabrics out and start sewing.

I started with a stack of fabrics that made me think of autumn. Oranges, deep purples, blues and greens. Brown, and a little pink because… pink.

I grabbed my notebook and sketched out a bunch of classic blocks and a few new ones. Just things I wanted to make. And over the past few weeks I’ve been sewing a block or two whenever I feel like it. I started with a giant block, the single girl, then made a quick teeny tiny maple leaf. A radiant lone star in miniature (those little triangles are 1/2″ because I’m insane!), then a free-form autumn leaf to loosen up from the precision of the lone star. No rhyme or reason on what I’m making, or in what size. Just making because it’s what I feel like making. I like it.

This is improv my style. Not all crazy-liberated (which is a look I love, but a process I don’t). Not all crazy-wonky (because I like things not wonky). I’ll put it together like a puzzle when I feel like I’m done, adding a few more tiny blocks or strips of neutrals to make things fit.

I’m posting as I go on Instagram. #beanquiltsautumn if you’re interested in seeing more of the process. I’m posting on Instagram even if you’re not interested in seeing more of the process.

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4 Thoughts on “Quilting Autumn

  1. This is going to be a very pretty quilt! I can tell that you’re really digging into the process =)

  2. Oooo….pretty colors…..beautiful blocks. Can’t wait to see more. Gonna go find ya on Instagram so I can follow this one.

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  4. 我就是随便看看

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