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Maple Tree Quilt

maple tree quilt

maple tree quilt

maple tree quilt

maple tree quilt

maple tree quilt


This quilt has been two years in the making. I kept going in spurts. As soon as I got my Chicopee fabric I cut it and pieced the maple leaf blocks immediately. Like, within hours I had all the blocks done. That was in 2012. Yup, 2012. Then they went in a bin and sat for a year.

Last fall I had a sewing date with my friend Tamiko and we played around with them on the design wall. We may have spent more time rearranging the blocks than I spent making them. (OK, probably not, but it was close.) That was 2013. I sewed up the quilt top right away. Then it sat a while. Not too long, I was all ready to make a back and start quilting when we went on a little sewing retreat in January. (That’s something I should have blogged about. I didn’t. Obviously.)

Except at the retreat we were talking and Tamiko and Lorelei talked me into buying some velveteen fabric on sale to back it with. So I ordered the fabric and thought I’d quilt it right away. Well, now it’s fall 2014 and I actually did it!

I chose to try my hand at some faux bois quilting, with a variegated thread. It was really quite fun. It’s really dense, and with that velveteen backing it is a nice heavy, substantial quilt that will be perfect for cuddling on the couch once the weather turns a little more chilly.

A few important details: it’s 60″ x 72″ made from Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt, with Riley Blake solid in Pewter for the background. Backing is Anna Maria Horner velveteen fabric, quilted with Coats and Clark variegated thread.

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One Thought on “Maple Tree Quilt

  1. Great quilting. Love the wood grain effect.

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