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Here’s another finish. I’ve been on a kick lately to finish up the many WIPs I’ve accumulated. I started this at that retreat in January. It was an amazing weekend with some good friends, old and new. We sat around quilting, knitting, eating obscene amounts of Oreo’s… all the basics were covered.

Anyway, Julie had just received her order of Lizzie House’s Catnap fabric in her shop, so a couple of us had her bring us fat quarter bundles to play with. Seriously, delivery of brand new fabric on our weekend away? So many good things.

Tamiko chopped hers up and made a plus quilt. I decided to make cheerios, or donuts, or circles, or… whatever you want to call them. I cut all my squares up into 4.5″ blocks, and cut 2.5″ squares for the corners. The blocks are 12″ finished. Nothing too tricky, I had almost all of them done by the end of the weekend. We played around with the layout and I decided to squish them all together, so I ended up making the half blocks for the alternating rows when I got home.

Once again, I started in a great spurt. I had the top pieced and started quilting it within about a week. Then I was fighting with my new sewing machine because I had to get used to the new walking foot. The back shifted quite a bit while I quilted the spiral. I actually thought about ripping all of the quilting out and starting over. Luckily a friend talked my off that crazy cliff. I added some extra strips on the corners of the back and finished it, wrinkles and all. And sometimes, that’s OK.

A few important details: finished at 60″ x 60″ using Catnap by Lizzie house with many various low volumes from my stash for the centers and corners. Backed with giant squares of Catnap and some Riley Blake Basic Shades in Granite.


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