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Stash Match

Have you seen the Stash Match game over on Ali’s blog?


This month she asked us to pull fabrics for a Modern Maples quilt. I love fall and had no troubles pulling out the fabrics for this quilt. I grabbed one of my old favorites for the backing and pulled fabric for the front based on that. I just finished up a Modern Maples quilt top, but this makes me want to start all over again!

Head over and see if you can match up the bloggers to their stash (Ali has lots of hints for you too) and you could win a bundle of perfect fall fabric from Westwood Acres!


Don’t forget there’s just two weeks left for me before I run my half marathon to raise funds for Multiple Myeloma research. You can read my mom’s story here and donate to the MMRF so one day we can hopefully find a cure for this currently incurable disease. I will be choosing someone from my donor list to make a quilt for once I hit my goal!

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  1. Hey Colleen,
    Very nice blog. Keep it up!

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