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Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for your support



This came in my inbox this morning. So grateful to know what my fundraising helped to contribute to. As a group who ran the Las Vegas Rock n Roll marathon with the MMRF Power Team we were able to raise $95,000 by the time we ran. And I know we’ve brought in more since then.

Thank you, all of you, who helped contribute to finding a cure for this disease. While there we met a woman who was diagnosed 15 years ago. She and her family were an inspiration.

I am happy to say I met my fundraising goal, so I chose a winner for my little quilt incentive as well. It was very scientific. I got an email notification for each donation. I filtered so they were all open on my screen, shut my eyes, scrolled around and clicked on one. Very scientific I tell you. It was, at least, random. Congratulations to Shirley Fitzgerald, you’re the winner! I’ve got to say, I’m really quite happy about this. Though everyone who donated was special and deserved to win, Shirley happened to be the first one who left a comment on my donation page, and I learned she has lost someone special to this disease. I’m so thrilled to be making something for her.


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