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Knitting – A finish!

sparkle shawl 4

So, I know I’m usually a little sporadic around here, but I’ve been extra sporadic lately because life is just plain crazy. We’re in the process of moving from Utah to the Bay Area in California! It’s a big change for our family to move to such a busy area from the one-stoplight town we’ve been living in. Literally, there is one stoplight. About five miles from the house we just sold. We don’t even have a grocery store. We do have two gas stations and an ice cream parlor, so, at least the important things were covered, right?

Anyway, since we’ve packed everything up and have been living with my sister for a few weeks, my sewing machine and fabric are all living in a moving container far away from me. As such, I’ve been knitting a lot more. And that’s not a bad thing. Here’s my most recent finish.

sparkle shawl 3

My friend Amanda introduced me to this fabulous yarn dyer a few months ago. Oh my! These yarns are to die for. Seriously, Vanessa of LYNAI Yarns does great work. I grabbed up some of this bloom sparkle yarn to make socks. As I wound it up I decided it should really be seen more than socks are. (but even with the sparkle in there, this yarn is totally soft enough to be socks.)

sparkle shawl 1


The pattern is Dragonfly Wings on Ravelry. (If you’re on Ravelry, look me up! I’m trying to keep my projects updated there.)

sparkle shawl 2


sparkle on


So of course, after finishing this, when Vanessa put up a picture of some limited Halloween yarn on Instagram, I had to have some for Halloween knee socks. Right? I’m designing a spiderweb pattern to throw in at random, and I will hopefully love how they turn out.


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One Thought on “Knitting – A finish!

  1. natalie on June 13, 2013 at 8:31 am said:

    welcome to the bay area! I live in the east bay. it may be busy and expensive, but the weather is great! good luck in the rest of your move.

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