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Rachel’s Quilt

So, the other side of this quilt was a group effort of the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild. We’ve been meeting for a few years, and last year we decided that we were big enough to actually create a board and have real leadership. Not surprisingly, Rachel was elected as the President for the year. She is the one who started our chapter to begin with. We met in her home for the first year or two, until we grew out of her living room.

Without her, we wouldn’t all be together. As her year of leadership grew to a close, I wanted to do something special for her. So I put out the call to guild members to make a block for her, which I would sew into a quilt to present to her to say thank you.

Rachel 1

This is what we created. I got a lot of questions about picking a specific color scheme so we all matched, but that’s not what I imagined. I really wanted this to be a crazy mish-mash of all our personalities.

Rachel 3

I’m pretty sure it is that. You can definitely see the personalities of the guild members who made a block. Marci paper pieced that awesome sushi block. Leigh‘s hourglass block is definitely her style and colors (all boys in her family, not a lot of pink there). Angela created an art piece for downtown Salt Lake City that was filled with those quarter-square triangle blocks and this really shows off her style.

Rachel 1

Barbie and Jenny chose to recreate blocks similar to their Dresden Challenge quilts. Kati‘s block (with the tiny lattice piecing set in grey up there) is just so Kati. Of course I threw some selvedges in there.

Rachel 4

We all signed the blocks we made. I think Sukie really got the spirit of nostalgia we were going for here.

Overall, I really love how it turned out.

Rachel 2

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3 Thoughts on “Rachel’s Quilt

  1. I’m so glad you put this together! What a great collection of blocks.

  2. Colleen – seriously thank you for organizing this – the project turned out great!!! You’re eff’in amazing

  3. This turned out great, it was so fun to see how everything came together. It was perfect for the back too. Thanks for organizing this.

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