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How To: Invisible Zipper with Regular Zipper Foot

Here’s part 2 of the invisible zipper post. (Really should have been done yesterday but a clogged kitchen sink took priority.)

Using an invisible zipper foot will unroll the coils for you as you sew. The biggest (really the only) difference in using your regular zipper foot is that you will have to unroll the coils and iron them flat on your own. So start by unzipping the zipper and ironing the coils flat.

Next, line up your zipper according to your pattern directions, laying it right sides together and lining up the edge of the tape with the edge of your fabric.

Using your zipper foot, adjust your needle position to sew as close as you can to the coils. You’ll see where the tape kind of folds where you just pressed it open. Sew right along that line.

You can see how close the stitching line is to the coils below. Once you finish the first side, zip up your zipper and line up the other side. Pin in place, unzip the zipper, and sew the other side.

Sew down both sides as far as you can until you run in to the bottom of the zipper. Zip it back up and press your fabric. This will let the coils fold back over. It’ll look like this on the back.

Now the back looks basically like a regular zipper. If you unroll the coils you can see the stitching line underneath. Of course, you would use a coordinating thread, and not a burgundy zipper with lime green fabric… I just wanted each part to stand out so you can see them.

And on the front. Even using a contrasting zipper, you can’t see it at all, except for the pull. If you use a coordinating zipper, this should look just like another seam.

If you’re putting this in a dress or skirt, you would just finish the seam below the zipper by matching the edges and sewing, starting at the bottom of the piece and working your way towards the bottom of the zipper. Backstitch at each end.

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2 Thoughts on “How To: Invisible Zipper with Regular Zipper Foot

  1. Bruinbr on July 23, 2012 at 1:18 pm said:

    Just wanted to say thank you for these posts and great pictures! I love that I can enlarge the pictures to really see the details you are describing! I am so intimidated by zippers and feel so thankful for the kindness of crafters like you! Thank you!

  2. These zipper tutes are really something! Thank you so much. It looks like the only difference between a regular zipper and an invisible one is sewing close to the teeth? I just sewed my first zipper tonight (without a zipper foot but it worked) so I don’t really know much, but am I right about this invisible zipper thing? I can’t try this until I get a zipper foot, but I’m moving along trying all your zipper tutes. I got a bag of 86 zippers from 8 to 24 inches for $2 at the thrift store so I HAD to finally try zippers…they are colorful and nylon too!

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