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WIP Wednesday – the recovery one

I’m working on a quilt market recap. It’s a lot to process. Those people who just get their posts up right away amaze me! I spent a lot of time working on some business stuff this time, and I didn’t take as many pictures as I’d like, but I still have plenty to share. Sara already has great recaps of individual designers up, go check them out for great peeks at upcoming lines.

So, while I process all the information I took in, here’s a little bit of what I did before I went.

I finished my pillow for a little New York Beauty swap my friend Amy put together. I really hope that my partner likes it. I think it fits her style, and hopefully she will overlook where I have two seams that don’t match up.It’s heading to its new home today.

I used a variety of Kona solids along with a linen from Lucien. The linen has a little pattern along one side that I really loved, and thought it added a little interest in the few spots it shows up in the background. And I added one random print in there (an Art Gallery favorite of mine).

I had this idea for the center… I’m not sure still if I love it or if it is really buggy. I took a piece of linen and randomly cut it, inserting 3/4″ strips of the colors from the spikes, so they finish as 1/4″ lines. Instead of piecing these arcs into the four quadrants of the blocks, I sewed the blocks together and then appliquéd the circle on, like I would with a dresden plate. I do love it more after the quilting. I echoed the lines in the background, spacing them really closely, about 1/8″ apart, then did close circles on the first ring around the block.

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2 Thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – the recovery one

  1. I love the center, and I love the whole pillow! Gorgeous colors! I’m sure your partner will love it too! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday – hope you keep recovering. I know I’m not there yet. : )

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