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Ballerina Birthday

Last weekend my cute little girl turned 4. That just seems so old to me! One more year and she goes to school…

Anyway, she really wanted a ballerina party, and that’s exactly what she got.

{Once again, I have Kate to thank for all the great pictures I have. All pictures in this post were taken by Kate Johnson Photography.}

I made her a bunting with her name on it. This will hang in her bedroom once I actually get it painted.

I set up the treat table… maybe a little too well. But hey, most ballerinas could use a little fattening up, am I right? Or maybe that’s just my jealousy of their skinny butts talking. Maybe.

We had cupcakes and French macarons.

There was old fashioned rock candy and grapes. See? Grapes are healthy… ballerinas eat grapes, right?

Cake pops, a bowl full of sixlets, and pink lemonade in milk glasses with stripey straws.

It was lunch time, so there was real food too. Chicken salad on croissants and trays full of veggies.

She had cute little friends from the neighborhood along with her cousins. Kate set up this backdrop and did photos of all of them in their ballerina outfits. Or red shirts if they were boys… so glad the boys who have no relation to each other came color coordinated.

We had a scavenger hunt and they all ran around my house to find the pieces for their necklaces. I printed up some bottle cap cutouts {from here and here}  and they got to pick their ribbon colors and make necklaces {from here} for their party favors.

It was a great party. In the hours before everyone came over, I was stressing and thinking “Why on earth did I do all this? They are 4! They don’t care!” But you know what? They do care. And I care. I know there are more important things in life than how “cute” a little girl’s birthday party is, but it was so much fun. The kids loved it. The grownups loved it. And it makes for great memories. Seeing her girlfriends at church the next day all wearing their necklaces tells me how much fun they had.

And their daddy coming over after church to pick up leftover cupcakes and a sandwich tells me that the food was pretty OK too. (Along with all the boys in my Sunday School class… seriously, how on earth did I have two dozen cupcakes left?!)

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3 Thoughts on “Ballerina Birthday

  1. Wow! What a party. I wish I had been in town…I have the perfect tu-tu…

  2. You should organize more parties! that looks like a blast

  3. Ginny on May 22, 2012 at 5:45 pm said:

    What a beautiful party. You did a great job. Those desserts looked fantastic & I’m sure they tasted great too. What a fun birthday party full of fabulous memories!

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