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WIP Wednesday


Heartstrings Quilt

Doll Quilts – I made six little quilts to swap with some friends. We have a Valentine’s theme, so I went with reds and pinks, with a touch of aqua so they aren’t so… red and pink? Offset wonky log cabin surrounding an appliquéd heart. I hope they like them.

Bee block for Rachel – a group of local friends got together for a quilting bee. We each make one block a month, taking turns to have everyone make a block for us. This month Rachel asked us to do a block using this tutorial at the Parfait Cafe. It was a little bit of a challenge, really making sure that everything lined up right, but I really love the outcome. It’s not really that difficult a block, but it does take time.

Rachel's block for January

In Progress:

I finished the top of my gallery quilt, pieced a back, and got it all quilted. I’m just sewing up the binding and then it will be done. This is the first quilt I actually started this year, so it will be nice to have one started and finished within a few months. That’s just not my usual, but nice.

Gallery top done

I already have plans for another quilt using this kind of layout (maybe I’ll mix up the positions a little) with some of my favorite prints from Tula Pink’s Price Charming line. I love that I won’t have to cut up some of the fun motifs there, and I think they will really stand out in a quilt like this.

Next Up:
Quilting my Pure quilt
Finishing my Fenced In quilt
Making Kelsey’s quilt – I have all the blocks back from my local quilting bee friends, now I’ve got to add a little more and get it put together.
Finishing my string blocks quilt
Finishing all my little projects from my Strip Club at Quilt Etc.


Finished – 3
New – 0
Making Progress – 1
No Progress – 5

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8 Thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Love the wee swap minis, and your block is cool, but I totally adore that gallery quilt! I have a similar kind of idea for my Echo collection of fat 16ths 🙂

  2. Love love LOVE the Echo quilt! What a perfect design for large-scale prints. The bee block is gorgeous too, I love that block! I’ve been super tempted to try it but it looks so time-consuming! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  3. The Lotta quilt is gorgeous!!!!

  4. I was cursing that block all week. . . and now I just have to attach the last triangles. Yours looks awesome!

    Everything you do is pretty stinkin’ awesome.

  5. Love the gallery quilt (and especially those Echo fabrics) – and I agree, a Tula quilt like that would also work really well!

  6. Oooh I love the doll’s quilts, tempted to copy the design to use as a mug rug!

  7. Love your projects, ‘specially the Valentine’s minis. So cute!

  8. Oh wow I really love your bee block!

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