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Mario Pixelated Quilt – Done!

I finally finished it. Just five months after I gave it to Brad for his birthday, I actually finished his gift.

2,292 squares later, it is done. And I love it.

So does Lottie. Her new thing, every time I’m working on a quilt, is to ask me if I’m making her a new hiding place.

Each side square is one of the power-ups. I know, I mixed versions of the game, which my brother already gave me grief for. I know I have more than one 1up. And I’m totally ok with that.

The power-ups are pieced with squares finishing at 1″ each.

This year is the year of finishes. This is already my 2nd quilt finish, for the 3rd week of the year, that’s not too bad. No, I didn’t start either of these quilts this year, but my big New Year goal is to actually finish the quilts I’ve started. Amy asked me how many WIPs (Works in Progress) I have right now, and I counted seven. That’s just quilt WIPs, not counting anything else. Cross off two now, I’m down to five.

Of course, I started a new one today… so I guess I’m back to six.

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9 Thoughts on “Mario Pixelated Quilt – Done!

  1. I’d hit that? Bwah ha!! That made me snort. Did I miss that when you were showing it off last year?!

  2. Your quilt’s fantastic! Great job! 🙂

  3. Woohoo, congrats, it looks absolutely fab! Sure hubby appreciated it even if your brother was mean ;o)

  4. This is super clever! Wow! Great finish!

  5. holy crap! awesome!

  6. That’s SO great! 🙂

  7. I love this!!

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