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Little Apples Dresden Quilt – Done!

Here’s my first finish from the year.

I bought a fat eighth set of Little Apples at quilt market. I love Aneela’s cute little children playing all their children’s games. I totally see my daughters and their cousins in the kids playing ring around the roses. And the hula hoop girl? Once upon a time (before I had babies) I could totally hula hoop. Maybe I can get in the groove again one day. Maybe.

So, I knew I wanted to do something circular with the fabric, to play off those hoops in the illustrations. I also loved seeing so many friends working up dresden plate quilts at one of our Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild Sewing Saturdays. Hence, the Little Apples Dresden.

I threw in some darker teal from Laura Gunn for the sashing and the centers. I love how it has a little red in it too that ties it together so well.

And I tried Kati‘s sew and slash and sew method on the back. I’m not in love with it (my finished product, not her method). I find I’m more a “I finished the front, now let’s slap a sheet on the back and call it good” girl. Although, if I start really thinking about the backs as I do the front, and think of them like a whole new quilt, not just a means to an end, I might have more fun with the backs.

We’ll see how that goes for me as I finish my seven WIPs. That’s right, I started another new quilt this weekend, so I’m back up to seven. I may have impulse control issues.

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6 Thoughts on “Little Apples Dresden Quilt – Done!

  1. Love it!

    um. . you’ll only have impulse control issues if you start the hello kitty quilt. ha!

  2. Love this! This is such a fun fabric line.

  3. Love this! I still haven’t worked out what to do with my layer cake of this line. While I’m deciding though, I think you need to try hula hooping again, and share pics ;o)

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  5. So cute!! Great line to do this with. : )

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