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Pouches and Pillows

I am so behind in posting, I know. There are a lot of projects to catch up on, and I’ve got to start somewhere, right? Besides, if John can post about happenings 15 months after they happen, I can post my Halloween party two weeks late, right? So, this is not Halloween. Just a few great swaps from Flickr (but this one is much easier to do a quick writeup about).

First up is the Pretty Little Pouch Swap. This was my first round, and I said I was only going to do one swap at a time and I was already in one, but I couldn’t help myself in joining up because everything out of this group is so pretty!

Here’s what I just finished making for my partner, to be mailed off tomorrow.

Pretty Little Pouch

And here’s what I got in return.

PLPS - front

(image from darcydivine via Flickr)

Well, part of it. Cute Darcy was concerned that this pouch to hold my “grandma’s flower garden” hexagon project was too big for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap, so she made me this one too.

Pretty Little Pouch received

I also finished up the Pillow Talk Swap. This is the pillow I sent to my partner. (The pillow I stuffed in for pictures was too big… but I think it’s still kind of cute.) She said she likes happy colors, so I mixed some of my favorites (like the green that I couldn’t help but use in the pouch too?) with white linen and Kona Coal. I threw in some hand stitching in some of the solid spaces. I think I might have to make myself one just like it!

Pillow Talk Swap

And Laura sent me a cute pillow in orange, teal and white. (I can’t get the image to copy, so just go here to see it!)

Anyway, this week we’ve been working on potty training my Kelsey-bug. It has not been as easy as Lottie (who did it in a day and a half). Seriously, it’s been three whole days already! But she’s slowly catching on. 😉 I’ll have more to share once she’s really got the hang of it and I can focus on something besides her.

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4 Thoughts on “Pouches and Pillows

  1. Your pouch is absolutely gorgeous!!! I haven’t received mine yet, so I keep wondering which of the ones being posted is coming to my door. =) I’d take that one any day. =) Did you use a tutorial for the kissing lock? I picked up a couple little ones at Joanns to try my hand at, but don’t want to ruin them.

    Love your pillow too!

  2. Love both the pouches and the pillow

  3. Hee hee, I like your metal frame pouch — one side looks like a tie fighter! 😀

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