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Eggnog Ice Cream

The other day I was in the mood for ice cream. Yeah, it was freezing outside, but I wanted ice cream anyway. So I decided to make these delicious pumpkin ice cream sandwiches. Except that I didn’t have any heavy cream. So I couldn’t make that (or pretty much any) ice cream recipe. As I sat drinking a cup of eggnog, I had a flash of brilliance.

Eggnog ice cream. Here’s what you need.


Really, that’s it. Since eggnog already has the whole egg custard thing going on, I hoped it would work. It did. I just added a little vanilla extract to prevent the eggnog from crystallizing.

Here’s how to do it:
Pour 1 quart of eggnog into your ice cream machine. Add 1 Tablespoon vanilla extract. (you could do something like 1T rum, if you want to be all “authentic” but I don’t drink, so I used extract I had on hand.)

Mix according to the manufacturer’s directions. (mine was 20 minutes) and just like that you’ve got ice cream!

I made these cookies, baking them only for 10 minutes, and made my ice cream sandwiches with it. Delicious. And super easy and fast!


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4 Thoughts on “Eggnog Ice Cream

  1. oh my goodness! delicious!

  2. Sound and look good. May have to try them.

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