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A Quilt For Ellie

I finished Ellie’s baby quilt – just in time too, as I delivered it on Thursday and she was born on Tuesday.

We took the girls to the hospital to see her. They are smitten. I am smitten too. I have to admit, she almost made me rethink having another one. Almost.

Back to the quilt.

I quilted each strip of colored fabric with flowers, joined by a random squiggly line with swirls for leaves, and did the same on the large white parts on top and bottom. I left the gathered rows alone.

{My girls love hiding behind quilts. Kelsey is especially fond of pulling them over her head and playing peek-a-boo.}

I decided after I finished it that the letters didn’t quite stand out enough. I followed the suggestion of my Modern Quilt Guild buddies and hand stitched around all of them using pink perle cotton. And of course, I forgot to take a picture after that…

It was my first time ever hand quilting. I’m glad I did it because now that “r” up there is a lot more visible. Trust me. I love the way it turned out, and it is just perfect for this adorable little girl.

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4 Thoughts on “A Quilt For Ellie

  1. Your quilt turned our darling! I love the colors you picked – and what a sweet baby!

  2. It turned out so cute!

  3. It’s just beautiful. A beautiful quilt for a beautiful little girl. She is just precious.

  4. Everyone is right it is a darling quilt for a darling baby girl. Good work, wish I were as talented.

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