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Can’t Help Myself

Here’s what I should have been doing today:

1. Working on my Kona Solids Challenge project for the SLMQG. We are showing them and having a little contest this Thursday at our meeting, and it’s not done¬† yet.

2. Working on my little secret square project. Because it’s for my husband’s birthday on the 29th and I’m nowhere near close enough. (But it will be awesome, and I promise to share after the big day.)

3. Quilting Eleanor’s quilt, since Katie is due to be induced at the end of this month. (And I just found out as I typed that sentence that she is in the hospital right now for the 2nd time… so maybe little Ellie will be early.)

4. Finishing my bed quilt.

5. Finishing my Fenced In quilt.

6. Maybe working on any of the other quilts in my unfinished stack, just to get them usable and loved? Or my haiku mug rug, or my Love of Solids project? Or maybe the blocks for my 4×5 quilt bee?

Instead, what was I working on?

Little Apples Dresden

I told you I had the itch to do a dresden quilt, after seeing all the beauties at Sewing Saturday last week. I just can’t seem to help myself, when I decide I want to do something, I just start! So, I pulled out my fat eighth set of Little Apples, cut out all my wedges and started sewing them together. I did get just this one all sewn up before making myself put it aside to work on the Kona Solids project, right in time to get a little helper to cut with me.

She was so focused I couldn’t even get her to look up for a picture. I’m sure she will turn out to be quite the little sewer one day.

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4 Thoughts on “Can’t Help Myself

  1. That is such a cute dresden! I love that you used Little Apples — that fabric is so cute, but I haven’t been able to think what I could make with it, so haven’t bought any. :}

  2. You DO realize that you just called our kid a sewer, right? That can be taken more than one way. Just sayin’.

  3. Great use of a cute fabric. That will look so amazing!

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