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When it Rains

It pours. Literally.

Last Sunday, this was my street:

While we were very lucky and only had one room in our newly-finished basement flood, it was my sewing room. Not so lucky. However, there are several things that happened that night that made me count my blessings.

#1. I had a lot of stuff on the floor that was just piled and waiting for me to sort after we moved in downstairs. Part of this pile was all of my scrapbooking paper. You wouldn’t think that was lucky, except that right in front of that was also a pile of fabric I hadn’t put away. Fabric for my beach towel bags… and that terrycloth soaked up all the water before it ruined my paper!

#2. My husband was out of town. Now, again, might not seem lucky, but my neighbors knew he was gone. So, while I was blissfully ignorant of the flooding (and probably would have been including my husband in my ignorance), my amazing neighbor was checking my window wells because he knew I was husband-less for the weekend. I got a text from my friend to see if I was OK, and I got downstairs just in time to see my neighbor jumping into my window well with a bucket to bail out the three feet of water in there.

#3. Some random stranger from the next neighborhood over was wandering with his wet-vac to see if anyone needed help. He came past my house just as I was walking outside to tell my amazing neighbor that the water had leaked in and I couldn’t move my crazy heavy industrial sewing machines to get it cleaned up. This kind stranger came in and sucked up the water quickly enough that it didn’t warp our new laminate flooring.

So, all in all, we got off pretty easy. I’ve spent the last week sorting and cleaning and putting things away (on shelves, not the floor). Last night I got the itch to plug the machines back in and hope the water hadn’t ruined the electrical. (Since David Bowie and Sue Sylvester were plugged in under the window that leaked.) Worked like a charm. And I had enough motivation to finish my quilt top that I started way back when. It will go in our master bedroom and match these blocks which will soon be pillows.

1. Block for Colleen, 2. Divas Dresden for Colleen, 3. Block for COLLEEN–Quilting Divas, 4. Quilting Divas–Colleen, 5. Circle of Geese block for Colleen, 6. Colleen’s block

That block on the top left? It just showed up in my mailbox this week! This swap took place about 10 months ago. Crazy mail, but a happy mail day. I’m hoping to be able to snap some pictures of the quilt top tomorrow. Lots of decisions to make about how to quilt this one.

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3 Thoughts on “When it Rains

  1. Kati on July 18, 2011 at 5:02 pm said:

    That’s crazy! I’m glad things are okay. See you Thursday!

  2. Holy cow! Ditto what Kati said. . .

  3. Oh my word, that’s crazy. I’ve been very concerned for people in general this year, with all the rain and mountain snow melt off. I’m glad you all are ok.

    Those quilt blocks are awesome! It’s amazing what people do. Wow!

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