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That House

Every neighborhood has one, right? You know, “that house” where the paint is chipping, and the morning glory is overtaking the grass and the tree has been dead for two years and still, it’s just sitting there mocking you every time you walk by?

Well, I am here to admit that in my neighborhood, I own “that house.” So this weekend we decided to do something about it. I walked into my husband’s office at about 11:30 and said, “What would you say if I said I wanted to paint the door blue?” His answer? “Which door, like, the front door?” I’m pretty sure my grin said it all.

Here’s my door on Saturday morning, with the paint chipping off the trim. Pretty boring too.

Going from that to blue would be a real shock, so you can see why Brad questioned painting the front door blue. But it’s not really a bright blue, it’s this blue-ish gray that I picked up a few months ago off the Home Depot “oops” shelf for 50¢. That’s right, 50¢. OK, I did need two, so my total project was $1.00.

Brad decided to help me scrapbook, so he grabbed the camera and took a working shot or seven.

Here are a few tips I have.

#1. Prime first. I really was excited to just paint paint paint. But, I did it right and I’m pretty sure I will be happy I did. First I washed the door and trim, scrubbing off any extra paint chips from the trim, and getting the goopies off the door. Then I primed with primer we had leftover from when they painted our house before we moved in. We’re still using it.. there was enough to do our whole basement and we still have a 5 gallon bucket left. (Anyone in the neighborhood have a need for primer?)

#2. Take your time. Paint all in one direction, or else you will have crazy crosshatch streaks going on. Now, I did go around the grooves in my door first to fill them in, but after that, it was all up and down, no side to side. It would have been easier and faster to just slap it all over, but it looks so much better with any streaks going in the same direction.

#3. Use an itty bitty brush for the details. I didn’t tape anything off. I left my doorknob and peeper hole exposed. (sorry, I know that sounds dirty, but I just can’t take it out because I’m giggling too hard.) But I grabbed a little paint brush from my art supplies to go around them well. I think it was so much faster than using tape on those round and little things.

#4. Use the right kind of paint. I didn’t. I used basic Martha Stewart Interior paint. But I sprayed it with a sealer after I had done two coats. I just used the same Krylon sealant I use when I hang painted decorations outside. Sure, it won’t last forever, but I’m pretty sure that next year I’ll want to paint my door another color anyway. And honestly, it only took me a few hours total (with drying time in between coats and to little munchkins trying to “help”) to do, and I can handle that again next year.

And now the after:

I love it. The trim is a shade lighter than the door (remember, I had two “oops” jars to deal with). They weren’t actually oops jars, they were just samples that someone requested and didn’t pick up. So, I did. For a lot less than I would have paid for any other color. And I marked off the colors from the paint sample card I picked up to choose a color for the piano.

Oh, and while I was painting, Brad was pulling the weeds. The tree is still there, but we will pull it out and replace it this fall. And now, I can officially say we are no longer “that house.”

And, if you’re wondering, the piano colors have been narrowed down to these two

Claret looks purple on my monitor, but in real life it’s a red that is so deep it is almost black – depending on the light (and yes, even though it’s red, the mother-in-law approves). And pencil is exactly that… think back to every bubble test you ever took in school – it’s the outside color of those standard #2 pencils.

Any guesses on which one the hubby prefers?

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4 Thoughts on “That House

  1. The Pencil? I personally like that one actually.

  2. RhandaJ on July 26, 2011 at 2:17 am said:

    Love your door! The color is perfect… goes with the stone so well. I know what you mean about ‘that house’. I used to have one too. 🙂

  3. Ohh, love the paint job on the door–it looks great!

    I’m totally torn between the two colors! I guess I’d probably go with whichever “goes best” with the room housing the piano.

  4. It looks awesome! I love that color, it’s the perfect blue!

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