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Quilt Market Day 1


I was only able to make it to a few classes in the schoolhouse series today. I started off with Amy Butler previewing her new substrates – voiles, rayon, organics and corduroy. I’m excited for those for clothing.

I was excited to see all of the quilts from Amy Ellis’ Modern Basics book in person. And I may or may not have won a signed copy that may or may not be given away here soon (since I’ve already got my own).

Lila Tueller’s upcoming line is adorable.
I have more pictures, but I left my camera cord at home.


And then I finished up with Block Party-and those quilts from that Bee are simply stunning. I want every single one of them!

I had to settle for collecting my goodies from Sample Spree. Oh that stack of Melody Miller will probably sit for a long time on my shelf, just looking pretty until I decide I can finally cut into it.

Tomorrow I’m all set to explore the exhibitor booths. Lots of eye candy I’m sure.

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2 Thoughts on “Quilt Market Day 1

  1. It was so fun to meet you tonight! What a fun blog, too. Hopefully we can run into each other again sometime 🙂

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