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Happy Easter

I hope you all had a great Easter. Our weekend was packed full of fun.

Saturday morning we hit an Easter egg hunt at the local park. A little bit fun… but so not worth the wait for the five minutes it lasted.

Then it was on to Grandma’s house to dye eggs with the cousins.

You can tell that Lottie has a little of my OCD when after the dying was done Ains held up her blue hands. Lottie held up her “green” hands… without a drop of green on them. Every time she got a little on her hands she had to wipe them off.

Sunday was church, followed by dinner at my parents’ house. This Easter egg hunt was much more relaxed and enjoyable than the one on Saturday. Kelsey was being perfectly photogenic… but then again, she generally is.

I made their Easter dresses on Friday. Nothing like getting right down to the wire, huh? I used this pattern by Lindsay over at The Cottage Home. I wasn’t in the mood to come up with my own with the way my schedule has been lately, so Brad had to convince me there was nothing wrong with using a pattern. It’s a wonderful pattern, if you’re looking for something super cute and fairly easy.

Lottie spent most of her hunt time making sure her princess slippers stayed on.

And Kelsey didn’t break a single egg. I thought there would be much more stomping in the grass.

We finished up by watching a wonderful movie about the resurrection of Christ. It makes me so happy to hear my daughter starting to understand about Jesus. When I saw her sitting on Grandma’s lap with her cousin, sad that Jesus was gone, and then so happy that Jesus woke up… it just touches my heart.

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  1. Stop it. Your girls are too cute!

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