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Gathering Pretty

As we start moving furniture into the basement {hooray!} it was very important to me to gather my pretty first. Is that strange? I hope not.

We have had this hutch sitting in the dining room for months. Sitting in two pieces, since we didn’t have anywhere to set it up and we didn’t have anywhere else to put it. It’s now in the corner of my studio (that has no other furniture in it yet).

It is so much better all put together with little bits of sewing goodness. My mom always says you could go fabric shopping at my house, so I decided to display some of my goodness like they would in a shop. Lots of pre-cuts with a vintage iron.

Antique jars with my cover buttons and bits of selvage I’m saving for a project.

Vintage trim from my grandma’s stash I was lucky enough to inherit. And a rainbow of fabric cuts that are less than half a yard but bigger than a fat quarter.

Tomorrow my brothers are coming to help move David Bowie down. Since he weighs about 400 pounds (twice what the real David Bowie weighs?) it will take more than my husband and me with my bad knees to get him into place.

{sigh} It’s finally coming together.

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