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Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild

All’s quiet on the sewing front at my house right now. I wish I was doing more, but right now I’m doing a lot of this:

We are hard at work on the basement right now, getting closer and closer to having a real sewing studio down there. I worked that texture gun so hard today. Now it’s just paint, flooring, bathroom fixtures and trim. Hooray!

Anyway, I did get the chance this week to attend my first meeting of the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild. I joined quite some time ago, but other obligations kept me from attending the meetings. I am so glad I can finally go! This month we talked about two ways to sew binding on and social media. Let me tell you… this is one talented group of ladies!

Since I don’t actually have anything to show you besides my filthy paint and texture covered self, I’ll go ahead and share some amazing things from the Flickr feeds of my new friends. {Click the names linked below to visit these ladies’ blogs, click the pictures to visit their amazing Flickr photostreams.}

Kati shared this amazing pillow.

Central Park HST Pillow 1

Erin snapped a picture of the gorgeous hand quilting Leigh did.

Leigh's GORGEOUS handquilting

And this wasn’t there, but wouldn’t you just love to have the clock that Amy made for her partner in the Urban Home Goods swap?

Whole Package UHGS

I’m already counting down the days until our Sewing Saturday and next month’s meeting! Thanks to everyone there for making me feel welcome.

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2 Thoughts on “Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild

  1. It’s finally great to meet you in person!!! Keep coming to the monthly meetings and sit by me!

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