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How 144 Becomes 768

This little cutie is about to turn 3.

This is the story of how I decided to make her a quilt for her big girl bed in her new room she will get for her birthday. It started out with me ordering a fat quarter bundle of It’s a Hoot by MoMo because it matched the colors I wanted to paint her room so wonderfully.

Then came the part where I needed to pick a quilt pattern. I fell in love with this one by Thimbleblossoms. I used another of Camille Roskelly’s patterns for the first quilt I ever made, so I decided to try another one. The instructions are clear, the first one was so easy, I thought, now that I ‘m more experienced, this one will not be too hard. I’ve played with half square triangles before.

However, the pattern is for a 68″x77″ quilt. I did some quick calculations and figured out how to turn it into a twin size. For the original size, I would need to cut out 84 half square triangles. For a twin size, I just had to add one row, so another 16 hst’s. Not too bad. The petals, a little more labor intensive. Original pattern called for 144 traced onto fusible web, then cut the centers out (to reduce bulk), iron onto the fabric and cut out of fabric. Still, just make that 192 for the twin size instead of the original 144.

Then came our decision to not buy a new bed for Lottie. Instead, we would just put her in the full sized bed we have in storage, and use her room for guests if anyone came to stay. I had already cut a lot of petals and half square triangles. No going back. Just do a little more math… and that’s how I ended up cutting out 144 half square triangles, tracing a petal onto fusible web 256 times, cutting out the centers, ironing them on the fabric, and cutting them out one more time. All petals cut by hand. That’s 768 times cutting this petal shape. I should have thought of that when I thought “gee, 144 petals isn’t that bad!”

I’m so close. I ran out of cream fabric, so I need to get more to finish the last 24 half square triangles, but I’m ready to start pressing my petals onto the half square triangles and get sewing this thing together! And it only took me a month and a half to get those cut by hand.

I’m really starting to see the reason everyone loves their AccuQuilt cutters… I just have to keep looking at that adorable face up there to remind myself she’s worth it!

So, what big projects are you working on?

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