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One Little Word: Esteem

Each year I have read about the one little word project, but have never joined in.  This year, I have a strong urge to focus myself. Pick a word. Follow through.

My word came as I was cleaning out my fridge. Never know when inspiration will hit, huh? I had to throw out a bunch of food that we hadn’t used before it went bad. I just couldn’t get over the waste. And it’s not just food that goes to waste around here. I waste time. I waste relationships. I waste space in my home. I waste moments with my children because I’m focused on other things.

I had to ask myself why I let these things go to waste. I don’t do it on purpose.  It’s not like I say to myself, “Self, you just bought some awesome produce.  Why don’t you just throw it in the fridge and not use it for a few weeks? Then you can just throw it away when you get back from vacation.” Really, I don’t have that conversation with myself. 

I had to think about this really hard. Does it boil down to being lazy? Nope. I’m pretty sure I’m a hard worker. A little forgetful sometimes, but not lazy. 

Do I not love these things? That’s definitely not it. I love food. I love most of my relationships. I especially love my children and the precious time I spend with them. But still, so much is wasted. I finally found what was missing: esteem.

–verb (used with object)
1. to regard highly or favorably; regard with respect or admiration: I esteem him for his honesty.
2. to consider as of a certain value or of a certain type; regard: I esteem it worthless.
3. Obsolete . to set a value on; appraise.
4. favorable opinion or judgment; respect or regard: to hold a person in esteem.

So that’s it. My one little word for the year. Esteem. I need to consider the value of the things I have or the things I choose to spend time on. I need to consider the value of my time. I need to evaluate my life and what i choose to hold in high esteem. From big things like moments with my children (where even the littlest of moments is a big thing) to the little things like the food in my fridge, I will place value where it is needed. And we will see what this focus will bring me this year. 

p.s. I wouldn’t mind one of these either, if someone wanted to make getting me a cool hand-stamped piece of jewelry a tradition each year. Just sayin’ Brad.

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3 Thoughts on “One Little Word: Esteem

  1. Do I tell you that you have a typo in this blog or jsut let it go? I don’t want to ruin your esteem. I did like this thought though.

  2. Oops, talk about typo’s, I just made one.

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