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Love in a Jar

It’s been pretty cold in my area. Which means we’ve been eating a lot of this soup. That also means that I’ve got a lot of empty canning jars sitting by my sink.

Normally, they would go in a box in the basement until it’s time for canning again next year. Unfortunately, we are still in the process of finishing our basement. Sheetrock is halfway done, our garage is piled high with boxes of stuff, basically, there is nowhere safe to put the empty jars!

So I decided to use them for decoration.

I had a brilliant idea to cut out snowflakes and hearts and pack them in the jar. I could craft with Lottie (who loves loves loves her safety scissors) and it would be super cute, right?


It kind of looked like I stuffed random scraps of paper in the jars. Although, Lottie loved deciding which papers to shove in there. I re-thought my process after seeing this.

Instead, I used embroidery floss with knots tied in it and threaded it through the snowflakes and hearts, then through the lid of the jar.

{Woody & Jessie were hanging out during the process while I glued their little hats on. Life is much better now that Lottie doesn’t bring them to me every five minutes saying, “Mommy, put Woody’s hat on?”}

I tied a little vintage red lace trim around the necks of the bottles and slapped them on my mantel.

{Pardon the blurry crazy photos. My husband was at a convention in Vegas with the cameras, and managed to drop the rebel and break the lens while he was there! These are courtesy of my iPhone and ShakeItPhoto for the Polaroid look.}

I like how they look up there. Pretty simple.

And the best part about stringing the snowflakes and hearts through the lids is that when Valentine’s Day is over, I can throw just the lids and strings in a box with my other Valentine’s Day decorations and still use the bottles for canning. Next year, I’m sure I’ll have some empty to use again, without the extra cutting and stringing work!

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2 Thoughts on “Love in a Jar

  1. So cute, maybe we should make some when you are at my house tomorrow. What do I need?

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