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Flowers for Ains.

I finally had the chance to give my niece Ains the quilt I made her for Christmas. Hands down my favorite thing I have made for anyone ever. Here’s the story:

My grandma Lottie was a very special person. She was cranky and mean and spoke her mind. She would also do absolutely anything she could for anyone she knew. It didn’t matter what her personal circumstances were, she would run (but not literally because she had very bad legs) to the aid of her friends or family whenever they had need. When she got to the point she physically couldn’t do it any more, she directed my Aunt Colleen to do it in her stead (although Aunt Colleen is the type to do it on her own anyway) up until she passed away.

So, when Ains was born, the first grandchild for my mom, my brother gave her the middle name of Lottie, to remember my grandmother. It meant a lot to all of us.

I have a box of fabric that belonged to my grandmother. I didn’t have enough for any big project, but I wanted to do something for Ains with it, as a token, to remind her of grams. Here’s what I came up with.

I used the bits and pieces to make a flower garden. It started with some hexagons, and I went from there, scattering different flowers from corner to corner.

I wanted a few that would really stand up and give dimension to the little quilt.

There were some fabrics that were really thin, but had great colors and textures to them. For those fabrics I cut out some random flower shapes and made sure to stitch them down really well. I backed it in flannel to be extra soft and quilted it myself. I did a random stippling on the white, with details on the flowers. {a spiral over the hexagons, sketched lines on the flower shapes} I added a few buttons and a yo-yo for fun and more texture.

She loved it when she opened it up {although it was mostly forgotten in favor of toys} but I’m sure that she will appreciate it more when she’s older. Her mom sure liked it.

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