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Oh! You Pretty Things

Please let me introduce you to David Bowie.

No, not that David Bowie. This David Bowie:

Ever since Howard Bannister left me, I’ve been borrowing my mom’s sewing machine. Since August I have not had a machine to call my own… Until I bought my aunt’s amazing computerized industrial machine (along with all of the accessories she has accumulated for it). I am now in sewing heaven.

Sure, David Bowie isn’t very pretty… until you account for talent. This boy has skills. And just like the first David Bowie, I am strangely attracted to him.

So now I’m listening to Hunky Dory and feeling the same way. Enjoying the automatic presser foot lifter, topstitch feet in every size imaginable, gathering foot, auto thread cutter, the bobbin that winds itself while I sew… Yeah,  I’m in love.

I’m only up to about half speed on the speed control, and still I was able to finish six dresses in one day. Today I made 11 lounge sets for the boutique this weekend – even though I was home with my girls. Imagine what I can do when I am up to full speed and have the industrial serger inside (it’s still out in the garage until the basement is finished because there’s just no room in my little craft room/office).

Serious love.

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2 Thoughts on “Oh! You Pretty Things

  1. Wow!! You are a very and extremely lucky person to get this machine! I would love to have one like this, I only have a standard single-needle industrial, no computer thing (yet). I have been sewing on an industrial machine at home for over 30 years now and wouldn’t have it any other way. Just have a little domestic one on the side for buttonholes and stuff. I’m so happy for you, enjoy your new toy!

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