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Upcycled Sweaters

My girls needed new coats. I had a pile of wool sweaters from the thrift store that I planned on felting and cutting up to sew into coats for them, kind of like Lindsay did here.

They have been sitting, felted, for a while now, just waiting for me to cut them up. This morning I finally got around to it. Only, at the last minute I completely changed my design plan.

I pulled out the first sweater for Lottie’s coat and thought “Oh, I really want to keep that turtleneck collar, so I’ll cut that out.” My next thought was “Well, it already has those awesome snowflakes on the front, so keep those intact…”

What I ended up doing was just cutting up the front of the sweater, sewing a lining, and adding buttons. It fits perfectly.

Okay, maybe not perfect. I need to cut a little more off the sleeves. Easy fix.

She loved it right away. We went outside to snap a few pictures while Kelsey slept (hallelujah). When we came  back inside she wouldn’t take it off.

I love how the neck from the turtleneck sweater hangs so well. Plus, it will turn up easily to keep her neck warm in the cold.

I wanted something heavier than just the plain sweater jacket, since it gets so cold so fast here, and really, I didn’t want to make a coat that she would only wear for a few weeks! So, I made a lining for the inside out of plain lining material with fleece fused to it to add a layer of warmth.

It was pretty cold today with the rain, but she seemed just fine.

The coat worked out so well that I made Kelsey’s in just the same way. I have a few adjustments to make before I put the buttons on hers… but I’m just to worn out to do it tonight. It’ll be okay for a few days until I decide I’m ready to throw all that bulk back on my mom’s sewing machine.

I’m working up a tutorial on how to do it, if anyone is interested in making one for their kiddo. Plus I’ve got some other ideas on what to do with this pile of felted wool sweaters, since I only used two of the 9 I have!

(I’m also working on re-writing my post I did the other day on canning, since I obviously didn’t hit Publish and now it’s disappeared.)

On a super happy note… only 12 more days until my ridiculously awesome industrial sewing machine and serger come to live at my house! Although, it will be another 9 days until we can actually move stuff into the basement. Did I mention I have to find a place for two industrial machines and a piano to live for a week? I’m tired just imagining how little space I will have.

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4 Thoughts on “Upcycled Sweaters

  1. Gloria on November 9, 2010 at 7:00 am said:

    Cute coats and they look really warm.

  2. Those are soooo cute! I’ve never tried to make a coat before. I’ll check back for the tutorial!
    You could make matching hats with the sweater scraps! 😀
    Love the way they turned out.

  3. Awesome – I LOVE it – she looks totally adorable!! Can’t wait to see the other one you create. Thanks for linking to my post as well. Great job!!


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