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Bits and Pieces

Are you like me? When you’re working on a project, do you collect the little bits and pieces because you know they’ll be useful for something?

Well, this time I actually had a good use for the bits and pieces. I like to crochet in all of my free time. (Insert laugh and cough here…) But now that it’s winter, my hands get pretty cold.

Not any more.

When I cut off the sleeves for my girls’ coats, I had the perfect piece left for me. I just cut a hole for my thumb, and there you have it. Super cheap and super comfy to keep me warm while crocheting.

I should have the tutorial for the coats up once I get through this weekend. I’m getting ready for a boutique, so I’ve been busy.

Doing a little applique

{Okay, that’s just for my girls to wear at Thanksgiving – cute template and tutorial here. I added one ruffled feather, just because. I mean, who doesn’t get their feathers a little ruffled in all the holiday madness?}

But, a little applique for the shop too

to complete a holiday lounge set

And making lots and lots of hair flowers. Or, as my daughter calls them, “So Pretties.”

The best part about making so many So Pretties is that I’ve always got one available to grab in the mornings when I don’t want to do my hair. Just throw one in to keep the hair out of my eyes, and it looks like I tried. I’ve pretty much got enough on my dresser now that I can match any outfit I own. I’m sure I’ll get these up in the shop one day soon…

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