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Whoopies: Disasterous & Delicious

Oh my. I have been thinking of whoopie pies for days. Days and days. And days.

Yesterday I finally had a chance to make some. And oh my! I’m a pretty good baker. Not so much today.

My first thought was to run over to my friend Pretty Kitten and grab her recipe. I’ve had her cookies before and they were de.lish.ous. Perfect cookies. Perfect filling. Perfect cookie:filling ratio.

Imagine my sadness when I didn’t see the recipe on her site! Of course, I was in too much of a hurry to e-mail her and get the recipe. I thought, “I’ll just find one online.”

I remember Bakerella’s review of this book, so I ran over here to grab the recipe she posted. Perfect. Chocolate cookies and oops… peanut butter filling. I was hoping to use my Andes creme de menthe baking chips. Oh well, I could always search for a filling recipe somewhere else, right?

While my cookies baked, I found this recipe for filling. Perfect! I could be so domestic baking with an authentic Amish recipe, right? Marshmallow fluff from scratch? Check.

Only, I should have known that Amish recipes that start with “in large bowl of your electric mixer” can’t really be all that authentic. Although, in theory it should have been a great filling. I’m not sure where I went wrong. It tasted right, but was definitely not the right consistency. It looked a little like this when I filled my first cookie.

Back to Google. I found a basic filling here that sounded ok. I made it. Tasted ok (but not great) and there wasn’t very much of it. What’s a girl to do? Add a little of the fluff, of course! And that did it. It tasted great. I was finally ready to fill.

I swirled it on with a piping bag. I though I might roll the edges in the chips, but the filling wasn’t quite thick enough. Instead, I sprinkled some on top of the filling before squishing the top on.

Finally, from disaster to delicious.

But Kristyn, can you just save me a lot of stress next time and get your recipe on your site? And does anyone have a good idea on what I can do with a giant bowl of marshmellow fluff that isn’t quite set? Too yummy to just throw away…

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One Thought on “Whoopies: Disasterous & Delicious

  1. I agree. Bad job, Kristyn. This is an egregious oversight. (Even though I’m pretty sure my recipe involves a cake mix… so maybe I should get to work on this.)
    Those look amazing, and I love the idea of using Andes chips with the filling. Hope you saved some to share… with me. 🙂

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