The Busy Bean

Feels Like Home

Tonight just feels like home. You know that feeling?

Nice dinner with the family as the sun was setting, cleaning up the dishes while I listen to the girls and their daddy playing during bath time.

Fall is here. The air is cooler.

Fall means slowing down. Spending more time with family.


Settling in for winter.

Fall is warm dinners. Holidays just around the corner.

More time with family.

Summer just seems so busy. So rushed. Running until late at night. (It’s only natural, with the sun up longer.)

I like the short days. The quiet evenings. The settling in. It’s just cozy.

Fall feels like home to me.

What does it feel like for you?

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2 Thoughts on “Feels Like Home

  1. Gloria on October 6, 2010 at 10:58 am said:

    Darn, Fall always feels like cleaning to me. But that just means I am getting ready for the holidays. The soup looks good.

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