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Something Completely Different

Fact #1: I love a good book. Reading has always been something I enjoy…  from historical non-fiction to a good cheesy novel and everything in between.

Fact #2: I have OCD. Legitimately, not just “I like things to be in order.” I seriously think dire things will happen (like my house will explode) if I start the stairs on the wrong foot. Although, OCD aside, I do like things to be in order.

Those facts together explain why my new book is so stressful for me. But obviously my friend thinks reading this book will be therapeutic for me (thanks Laura). Because reading this book involves doing crazy things to this book. Like this:

Yes, it was a little stressful to see this sitting on my desk at work while I let the tea dry. I can’t believe I just purposely spilled tea on my book.

Yet, it was kind of liberating. Kind of.

Mess, by Keri Smith is all about exploring creativity. And it is messy. Each page has instructions for creating some sort of mess, and often interpreting that mess into art. My goal is to complete a page a day (or work on a page a day, since several are done over multiple days).

And maybe by the end I will actually be able to make myself finish the one involving mold. Maybe. But I’m not counting on it.

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One Thought on “Something Completely Different

  1. Yeah… mold not so much. But otherwise it sounds like fun!

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