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SJS seeks SQM

For those of you not in the know, I will translate the sewing machine singles ad: Single Juki Serger seeks Single Quilting Machine.

Or, the one in which Eunice is looking for her Mr. Larrabee. But wait, you say, Howard Bannister just moved into your house in December, and you loved going into the closet with him! Well, yes, I did. But sadly, Howard Bannister just had too many issues. He really couldn’t stand up to all I put him through. And when I took him in to be repaired for the third time (2nd time for the same issue) I just knew he couldn’t come home with me.

And then it hit me… I jinxed him by naming my serger Eunice! Because we all know that Howard Bannister belongs with Judy, and Eunice should be with Mr. Larrabee. So there you have it. I am looking for Mr. Larrabee.

There is a chance that an industrial machine – two actually, a sewing machine and a serger – will be coming to stay at Busy Bean headquarters. Negotiations are pending. But I’d still like to find a Mr. Larrabee to keep Eunice company. And to quilt on.

So, all you sewists out there… any suggestions? I’d like to keep the purchase relatively inexpensive, but it’s got to handle my new quilting addiction. I will be sad to be without the embroidery abilities Howard Bannister possessed, but I’m pretty sure that an embroidery machine is not in the budget right now.

Fare thee well Howard Bannister. We won’t forget you.

And if you’re confused by this post, you need to see this.

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