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Birthday Bug

My little Kelsey Bug is turning one next week. I just can’t believe it! She is so much fun to be around… she giggles like crazy, plays peek-a-boo and claps her hands at everything.

Naturally, I’m in the middle of planning her party. I have big plans for it – cookies in the shape of little birds to match her quilt, decorations of little tree branches with cute stuffed birds the other kids can take home with them, lots of yummy food, and of course a cute little dress for the Bug. Well guess what. None of that’s going to happen!

I had to sit down and think about what I could realistically do, and who I was really doing it for. Am I really doing this for Kelsey? Nope. I am doing it for me. This is her first birthday… what is she going to take from it? She will take the fact that we had fun as a family, and she will take whatever gifts she receives. So that’s it. I decided to put my heart into what I’m giving her, not how I’m presenting it to everyone else. Because I have enough on my plate getting ready for the photo shoot Saturday.

So, after sewing clothes all day Monday, I spent my evening and into the night making something really special for my little Kelsey Bug.

A little Ruby Lou doll from this pattern at Sew Much Ado. I fell in love with this little doll the minute I saw her. I’d been looking around the web for a cute doll pattern so I could make them for my girls when Abby left me a comment on my blog. After looking around her blog a little, I saw this pattern and bought it immediately!

I decided I had time to do one of two things for Kelsey – sew her a new outfit for the party, or make her a doll. Obviously, I chose to make her a doll. I made Kels a dress not too long ago, and I absolutely love it.

So she will wear this to her party and walk away (maybe literally… she’s so close to walking!) with a special friend to match.

I love the crazy wild hair on this girl. Reminds me of Kelsey’s… it just won’t stay down!

So here’s the new plan for Kelsey’s first birthday party: we will get together with family, spend the afternoon laughing and playing, eat grilled pizza (my sister’s plan), have some basic cupcakes, and just enjoy each others company. Good times. And Kelsey will take away from it what is really important – family, and the fact that her mother loves her enough to make her a doll and a quilt and spend the rest of her time playing and laughing and not worrying about what other people think of the party.

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3 Thoughts on “Birthday Bug

  1. I L-O-V-E that doll! I am making one for Macie and Baby 2.0! Well, more accurately I am going to make them, I haven’t exactly started yet, but it’s on the list! Kels is lucky to have such a wonderful mommy! I’ll miss you at quilting tonight, have fun at the old man birthday party! That is where you should be anyhow.

  2. Oh Colleen, you did such a fabulous job! And I love the fabric hair bows, they are perfect. I totally agree about parties, especially when they are so young. I find myself always stressing out about the details, until I get smart and just keep it simple and fun for my kids (and let’s face it, more fun for me too — I’m terrrible at party planning!). Oh, if you want to add some pics to the Sew Much Ado Flickr pool, it’s here:
    Hehe, I feel like I’m getting to know your whole family even though most of us have never met!

  3. What a cute doll and you are very smart to have made the party choices that you did. Love you.

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