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The Busy Bean’s children’s clothing line!

Remember all of these? Well, I’m getting ready to list clothing in my shop now! I started with this favorite of Lottie’s. She gets all excited for her “Mi-ee-mouse” dress.

She loves her Mickey Mouse! I love that she can wear something Mickey without it being so obvious!

A little reverse-applique Mickey detail keeps it subtle, but she sure knows he’s there.

And it’s comfy enough that she can run and play and get down on the ground with her friends. (Yeah, that would be her friends the bugs. She loves little bugs. A lot. And sometimes the bugs she picks up are not so little!)

Super cute little model, right? But that leads me to my next problem… she’s just one size! And she’s not a boy. Not that that is really a big problem, unless you’re trying to photograph clothing. Which leads me to this:

Remember how my sister-in-law is an awesome photographer? Well, she’s going to do a photo shoot for me to showcase my new designs. Now I just need the children. Which is where you come in. I need your help!

Just visit our pages on Facebook (Kate Johnson Photography & The Busy Bean), and submit a picture of your child to me to enter. I will pick three boys and three girls of varying ages and sizes to model my clothing. Your child will be pampered with a photo shoot, and each will get a special something for participating.

Pass this along to anyone who has adorable kids (and really, what kids we all know aren’t adorable) who would love to help a friend out!

p.s. I took these pictures of Lottie in the park today. Katie will take much better pictures of your kids!!/pages/Orem-UT/Kate-Johnson-Photography/273919853644?ref=ts&__a=50&ajaxpipe=1
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